• Major fiddling about going on

    I am ever so busy reorganising this blog. If you are following me, you might get a lot of useless e-mail notifications taking you to some truly ghastly pseudo blogs over the next few days. Please ignore them. I shall announce the new creation appropriately – and then, of course, you are more than welcome to… Continue Reading

  • What your translation business deserves

    I spent yesterday, and the evening before, interacting with fellow translators in real life and attending a workshop presented by Daniela Zambrini and coordinated by organiser supreme, Paula Ribeiro. The cost of the workshop itself was the least expensive part of my trip, thanks to the generosity of people who believe in sharing knowledge –… Continue Reading

  • The translation that wasn’t

    How a translator buys a teapot For health reasons (inflammation of the joints), I have to abstain from artificial sugar, high-acid foods, and coffee. I have been doing so – not 100% successfully – for about three weeks. I have also been drinking litres and litres of water and herbs teas to cleanse my system or… Continue Reading

  • The pot can stop…

    Sources of Joy – Day 99 … calling the kettle black. I almost destroyed the kettle through negligence – otherwise known as being  in the zone or absentmindedness, whichever you prefer. After a second, more vigorous, attempt yesterday, I restored the item in question to its former glory. I have not used it yet. I am… Continue Reading

  • Delightfully unplanned

    Sources of Joy – Day 98 This blog has to be brief. My early night (just before midnight) starts in half an hour. The morning was productive. I was beautifully focused and business-like. I managed to fend off getting entangled in a conversation with the landlady, her mother and her two grandchildren when they came… Continue Reading

  • Decisions

    Sources of Joy – Days 96 and 97 Perhaps I have been unduly influenced by a curious blend, inter alia∗, of pop psychology, New Age thinking and French literary trends c. 1920–1960. Today’s events on my little planet revolved around the theme of choice, something I expounded upon at length for about a decade straddling… Continue Reading

  • New rhythms

    Sources of Joy – Day 95 Day 93 (Friday) finally saw the delivery of my office table, a bargain second-hand buy. The last piece of the intricate puzzle that is my new office space, now placed together with the inadequate desk I already possessed, gives me a large desk space on which to order my… Continue Reading