39 thoughts on “Down to 1 unread

  1. Where is my spam…Oh I forgot I emptied it: I love you post, Allison: My Emails exhaustive task is combing through the the many spam messages, since from time to time there are legitimate messages stack there (like souls in the Purgatory). I gotta make sure I save them, before I empty!
    Hope to see you around at EuZicAsa (It’s what I say). Thanks for visiting and don’t worry should you get stuck in my Spam cache: I always comb through carefully!

    • Thank you, Samantha, I shall certainly be looking at Adblock.
      Don’t worry about the job. There are always more. One of my clients, a very well-organised, large translation agency, sends out an individual notification of an available assignment to a number of selected translators (who they believe would be suitable for the job) at the same time. Whoever replies within within five to ten minutes normally succeeds in getting the job. After that, forget it! Sometimes you receive a request for translation addressed to only to you (if you have worked on closely-related documents in the past, for example), in which case, the agency usually waits for about fifteen minutes before phoning you. But most of the time, the translators are like a bunch of children all trying to grab the last biscuit on the plate! :)

    • Oh, yes! It is the whole corporate IN-tray OUT-tray mentality, the tidy desk, the sparkling kitchen sink, the fresh-cut lawn (we’ll keep the white picket fence out of this for now), the constant struggle to impose order upon disorder, the “let’s cut the c**p and deal with the real sh*t” attitude, the getting rid of old emotional baggage so that we can experience life to the full idea. It can be fun! ;)

  2. Congrats on this (both on the FP as well as cleaning out your inbox). Filing emails is like, well, filing. I still have mountains of papers to go through at work, which should really be filed. My email is not much better, but you have inspired me. I want to be able to say “hundreds!”

  3. We can learn much from the state of one’s inbox. I’m thinking of my own, of what I’ve kept and why, with answers ranging from procrastination to sentimentality to confusion about a message’s redirection or filing. It’s mostly procrastination. I like your point system; my son tries every now and then to jokingly implement a point system, in which I as the mommy am horribly in the hole and he is of course way ahead of me. Funny, it never caught on. Keep writing!

  4. Wow what an accomplishment. I’d give you several hundreds. I have several email addresses all overflowing, except one. I’d love to hear about Zimbabwe do you write about it on your blog. I was looking for some first-person information for a trip. Either great numbering system you have and good luck keeping it up!

    • Thank you, Feather Story. I do not write about Zimbabwe, except in passing since it forms so much of my past. I am not sure that I am the best person to write about it either, having emigrated to Portugal four years ago. I did write about it in a general sort of way two days ago in “The girl out of Africa”. After a quick look at your blog, I would think one approach to get the most out of your trip would be to find like-minded groups in Zimbabwe and take it from there. There are so many different kinds of trips you can have in Zimbabwe. For example,I once encountered a young German fellow who was travelling through Africa on a petrol-powered bicycle! If you are going the five-star hotel route or safari adventure route, you will not be disappointed either. If you do ever get there, you will find the people friendly and helpful, but you do need to be streetwise.

    • Good point. After reading some comments, I feel like a bit of a whimp! I had about 250 unread, which is the level it reaches after about 12-18 hours if left to its own devices. I suppose I receive about 100 e-mails every day. I do some inbox “management” every day, but normally stop when I get to a number below 100 unread. The unread mail was “low priority but interesting”. The biggest part of this exercise for me was ensuring that read mail I do need to keep ends up in the correct folder, and that old and no longer relevant stuff (from the main inbox and all sub-folders!) makes it all the way into the trash. We do create stress for ourselves, don’t we?!

      • Indeed. 100 mails a day is a lot. If you had let that accumulate, you’d have more than any normal human would be able to keep up with. Well done indeed :)

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