A failed ascetic awakes

I was strangely drawn at a young age to the concept of asceticism.  Perhaps it was the collocation of living as a child in a country at war, where people survived against the odds in an environment of economic sanctions, and those ridiculous cotton dresses which passed for school uniforms, over which we were permitted... Continue Reading →

Allow me to introduce myself

Call me old-fashioned, if you will.  I like to be introduced when I meet people I have hitherto not encountered, even if I perform the introduction myself. Thus, the way is paved for the possibility of a sharing of common interests, whether in business, or for the delightful purposes of friendship.Upon introduction in the real... Continue Reading →

How to wash the dishes

There is a BBC comedy skit program where a typical farmer fellow comes out of a barn and announces, "This year, I shall mainly be wearing Dolce&Gabbana.". He turns heel in his galoshes, returns to the barn and shuts the door. I am fond of quoting variations on this theme, by way of light relief... Continue Reading →

Ebbelwei Express

Well, sitting on an express tram, getting rapidly inebriated on cider, and depending on porosity, soaking in history at the same time is certainly an option to consider. Just think, I might even be given to giggling.AllisonAwake and utterly sober on this 01.01.11Note: the word or phrase in bold appeared in my previous blog.For the uninitiated (whose... Continue Reading →

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