Light relief

The best we can hope for on a Monday is zombie-like efficiency.  This means that although the job will get done efficiently, there will be sacrifices. We normally have to contend with an absence of happiness and severe poetry deprivation.


Why would I ever want to contemplate my navel again when I can experience nausea by gazing down the abyss of my own spinal column?

Between the lines

It is the place where one notices such things and yet one stares ahead as if half-blind and half-deaf, for this is the permissible response when private drama unfolds in public spaces.

Matters and Hatters

Jost Zetzsche, aka @jeromobot, has just published a book, without a co-author this time, entitled Translation Matters, available on Amazon. My TwitFeed told me this last night, which necessitated my putting the record straight immediately: I had to do this more to keep my name clean than anything else. TranslatorLand is such a big place... Continue Reading →

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