Curtains washed!

Sources of Joy - Days 60 – 61 Yesterday I met the woman whose cottage I had been looking for the day before. I viewed the small house today. It has advantages, but all rooms are quite small. I shall be viewing the house on top of the hill tomorrow or the next day. Yesterday my... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms, unicorns and little green apples

Who knew that mushroom caps could be depressed? Well, if you did, then you will have no trouble at all acknowledging that grapevine leaves can be blistered. That was a shameless plug for the ample ampelography section of the Vine to Wine Circle, the most fascinating part of which for me was the morphology of... Continue Reading →

Vine to Wine Circle – launch

The BETA version  of the Vine to Wine Circle portal was launched today. This portal contains the entire contents of the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal as translated from the German in 2011, plus a substantial amount of additional material translated last year from the Portuguese. Click on the logo below to go to... Continue Reading →


There is nothing so wonderful as coming across exciting news by accident. Little did I know, whilst struggling with a capricious Internet connection as I was researching EU regulations on biodiversity and the like - as translators do - that today I would stumble upon a remarkable piece of information: The banana genome has been sequenced!... Continue Reading →

I had such fun liaising with Catherine Jan on my recent guest post on her blog, Catherine Translates. It was a pleasure working with a fellow translator who knows her stuff. At the risk of creating one of those dreaded circular references so often found in Excel spreadsheets, here is the link: I have made... Continue Reading →

The Vine Book

Follow the links as you read what follows: Asides have been highlighted in green. You can tell that I am a serious person from Eve Corbel's useful editing guide above. Or I take myself seriously. One of the two. Maybe both. I am also constantly amused and quite often silly.  I am seldom silly when... Continue Reading →

Lucky Number Seven

I am reminded, as I take my first sip, of the cellar at the Grand Hotel in Grahamstown (in South Africa; the country, not the region, which, by the way, inhabitants refer to as Southern Africa). For those who do not know, this treasure of wines, under low wooden-beam ceilings of various heights which leads... Continue Reading →

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