Sources of Joy – Day 5

Fear, health centre, acupuncture, and kneeling in general Today's sources of joy lie in the incongruous bordering on the paradoxical. I discovered that fear has no place if one is to relish wholeheartedly in the incongruity of it all. The fear I talk of is much more unsettling than the kind of dread with which... Continue Reading →

Bloody, bold, and resolute

No, no, no. I am not falling for this Writing Challenge: New Year's Resolutions (Doomapocalypse Redux). There will be no bucket list for 2013 here, although obviously I have got goals not achieved carried forward from 2012, and some entirely new ones I have recently thought up. I do not care about the apocalypse, whether it... Continue Reading →

Lest we seek, we may not find.

Had I paid more attention to the minute detail of a book by O F Emerson entitled The History of the English Language given to me by a quite famous Professor of English by the name of Guy Butler who was reputed have have known by heart no fewer than three of Shakepeare's plays, one... Continue Reading →

I created this facsimile of an advice column in response to the WordPress metaphor and/or simile challenge. Allison


Could it be that because we humans have so many neural pathways within our bodies that we love tracing lines in the sand, following pathways across a field or through a forest, and taking the road less travelled? During a miniature tour of the countryside a couple of days ago, I found myself really tempted... Continue Reading →

Sand and Silence

Whenever I think of beach sand, the noise of the sea rushes into my ears. I have never lived near the sea. On one holiday, I found the constant breaking of the waves so comforting to the soul, I earnestly wished I could preserve that auditory memory forever. The memory does not last; it is... Continue Reading →

Zorf and his anatomy

I bought two black pens today. I had to try them out. Zorf appears here and here so far. Theodora and Zorf share the same birthday. What can I say? Their stars collided. They were destined to meet! Allison

Feet up

This is a multicultural photograph without trees. I took it a year ago whilst waiting for my train home from Lisbon (Entrecampos Station) after attending an important event in my life in an outfit quite different from the one pictured. The Courteney® boots are real leather and from Zimbabwe. At the time of the photo,... Continue Reading →

Two-minute edit, referenced.

After immersing myself in the hundreds of opinions and articles which stemmed from my reading Fiona McQuarrie's (Freshly Pressed) blog entitled, "Imagine: How Did This Happen?", and hastily checking whether I still believed what I have written about plagiarism on my website, I thought that perhaps I should snap out of the daze thus induced and... Continue Reading →

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