Sara and the dog

 I wrote this story on the train, the same day that it happened at the end of May 2014. Here it is, typed up ten months later: On this mild but quite sunny afternoon the bench on the railway platform is vacant. Vacant, except for a large dog lying down on the ground near a... Continue Reading →

Sand and Silence

Whenever I think of beach sand, the noise of the sea rushes into my ears. I have never lived near the sea. On one holiday, I found the constant breaking of the waves so comforting to the soul, I earnestly wished I could preserve that auditory memory forever. The memory does not last; it is... Continue Reading →

Feet up

This is a multicultural photograph without trees. I took it a year ago whilst waiting for my train home from Lisbon (Entrecampos Station) after attending an important event in my life in an outfit quite different from the one pictured. The Courteney® boots are real leather and from Zimbabwe. At the time of the photo,... Continue Reading →

Holes in the wall

I have just paid the monthly rent for the thirtieth time to the same landlord. This means that at the end of this month I will have lived in the same apartment for three and a half years. This is mildly depressing. I thought I was more adventurous than that. A chat with a friend... Continue Reading →

Freshly processed

So you all think I am going to describe various fruit juice crazes throughout my life? Not today. I am expressing myself with an experimentally processed photograph thanks to suggestions on Circa Dee's freshly pressed blog today. I took this photograph yesterday at a Medieval Festival at Castro Marim. Castro Marim is in the south of... Continue Reading →


Oooh, I loved steps. I have always traversed them two at a time. Yes, up and down. When I was younger and foolish, I used to jump the last four to the ground. Indoor hockey training at the local stadium as a school girl involved running up and down the concrete grandstands until our legs... Continue Reading →

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