Urban dogs

I travel to Lisbon by train at the end of this week for a day to do a spot of work. Nothing like understatement, is there?

I was last there a year ago, and had the opportunity to explore the famous Bairro Alto (“high suburb”) which, for you travellers, is the antithesis of the flatness one experiences in Amsterdam. Walking around the Bairro Alto is a bit like hiking in that a stout pair of boots is ideal. Instead of getting lost in the wilderness you find yourself in a very old part of a city which adds a new dimension to the concept of hilly.

Even the two dogs I conversed with were rather elevated.

This poor fellow, imprisoned in a blanket of a modern facsimile of the tiles Portugal is famous for – the azulejo – was most vociferous, but did calm down after some soothing gurgles from me below.
Fluffy here, on the other hand, just wanted to play. So we did – sort of.

I won’t be going to this part of Lisbon this time, but I feel sure that something will catch my eye. My work has nothing to do with photography, but the camera is in the bag.



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