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Given the recent punishing work schedule I imposed on myself, I may be forgiven for thinking that I was hallucinating, but this e-mail actually did arrive in my spam folder.

I appreciate that it is very difficult to achieve perfection of expression in one’s own language, let alone a second one. I am not knocking language use here. I am objecting to the underlying approach. Let us remember that this agency is attempting to solicit the services of professionals.

I have quoted the e-mail verbatim below, with references to the agency removed. Needless to say, I now feel hopelessly under-qualified since I translate only three languages into English, edit in only one language (English), and have only a handful of fields in which I can claim a modest degree of expertise. Oh, and I am no Italian native. I have a Heinz-57 nationality family tree, but no claim to ancestors from Italia.

The bits which freaked my being have been bolded and underlined as appropriate:


[Blah Blah] is one of the leading translation agencies in Italia.
We are currently looking for native freelance translators/editors translating into every language pair and for every fields of expertise.


TranslationProofreading experience
– Excellent command of source and target languages
– Higher education (preferably in linguisticstranslation studies or technicalmedical field)
– Use of CAT tools (preferably Trados) is mandatory
Determination to meet deadlines and quality requirements

We can offer you a rate of 0.10€/word for translation and 0.04€/word for proofreading.

Please fill our form application to the link below:

[deleted guff]

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

[Name of Person – Head of Something or Other]

[Lots of Logos, an Address, and Such; then This Disembodied Sentence]:

Long Term collaboration is required in every language pair.


Offer not accepted. End of.


7 thoughts on “Every language pair

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    1. Agreed, regarding aspirations, but am curious to know whether you hail from Italia, and whether you have the determination to engage in the mandatory use of CAT tools long term in order to meet deadlines and quality requirements. 🙂


  1. Oh, what fun. You should see some of the emails I receive in my “Roof Buddy” inbox (mostly from China) Absolutely hilarious. Next time I get one of these gems I will forward it to you for your amusement………..


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