Sources of Joy – Day 21

Relaxation I was not of a mind to take photos today, so here is one from yesterday. It is a photo of a wall, but you may be tricked into thinking it is of a dry river bed. I loved watching the little kids singing in Church today. Each has their own distinct character and... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 13

Acupuncture, singing, work, greenery, caterpillars, sky, and clothes Yesterday's third acupuncture treatment was wonderful. It gave me energy and calm; precisely the two things I needed last night to survive the choir practice - a slightly different group of singers from Tuesday night - for this Sunday's festival at São Faustino, the little chapel on... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 10

A good day's work always makes me extremely happy, and that is what I had today. With one urgent assignment thrown into the mix, I did not even have time to go out and buy another pack of cigarettes, and that will make quite a few other people happy. I am grateful for that little vapour... Continue Reading →

Buckets of colour

I have never categorically admitted to having a bucket list. One item on that bucket list is quite complicated really. It involves mural art. I am not an artist in the professional sense of the word, although some would say a rather rigorous critic! Apart from the fact that right now I need to use... Continue Reading →


The click I am referring to is not the sound this rather poor attempt English makes at onomatopoeia. It is the sound made when the isiXhosa word qongqothwane is correctly pronounced. Listen carefully as to how that oh-so-grand lady Miriam Makeba does it in a number made famous as The Click Song.It is also the sound... Continue Reading →

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