Sources of Joy – Day 21

Relaxation I was not of a mind to take photos today, so here is one from yesterday. It is a photo of a wall, but you may be tricked into thinking it is of a dry river bed. I loved watching the little kids singing in Church today. Each has their own distinct character and... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 13

Acupuncture, singing, work, greenery, caterpillars, sky, and clothes Yesterday's third acupuncture treatment was wonderful. It gave me energy and calm; precisely the two things I needed last night to survive the choir practice - a slightly different group of singers from Tuesday night - for this Sunday's festival at São Faustino, the little chapel on... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 10

A good day's work always makes me extremely happy, and that is what I had today. With one urgent assignment thrown into the mix, I did not even have time to go out and buy another pack of cigarettes, and that will make quite a few other people happy. I am grateful for that little vapour... Continue Reading →

Buckets of colour

I have never categorically admitted to having a bucket list. One item on that bucket list is quite complicated really. It involves mural art. I am not an artist in the professional sense of the word, although some would say a rather rigorous critic! Apart from the fact that right now I need to use... Continue Reading →

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