Desk-bound, yet free

Sources of Joy - Day 23 Now that I have had the benefit of some quality sleep, I can highlight what brought me joy yesterday, when my workload meant movements were restricted to within spitting distance of my desk. There is a certain joy which those in occupations which demand imagination, creativity and problem-solving are... Continue Reading →

Scatterling, the book

A potted story of me so far As memoirs go, mine are intentionally short. They are composed of 45 stories. Each story is around 150 words long and has a cartoon drawing to go with it. This is about the right size of book for the kind of life I have had so far. I... Continue Reading →

Coffee with Adam and God

I have never been to the Sistine Chapel, so have never seen The Creation of Adam in real life: I know that posters are printed of the hands  of God and Adam with their fingers almost touching. I know this because someone once bought us one - and we framed it. Rather fittingly - or... Continue Reading →

Open Library is yours (ACCESS FROM HERE): now a one stop access widget!

New at euzicasa: Open Library is yours (ACCESS FROM HERE): now a one stop access widget!. Readers of the world unite! What a far cry this is from the part-time job I had for a while as a university student! I was a "shelf reader". This entailed gazing at the rows of books stacked on... Continue Reading →

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