Such love

 I should not have done that. I should not have opened one of the few repositories of mementos I have - an old leather writing case which was once a favourite of my mother's - to look for an appropriately elegant bookmark for a gem of a book I'm reading. The book has a history... Continue Reading →

Melancholy, and books I no longer have

Sources of Joy - Day 70 It may have been gifts of money from Christmas or my birthday, but what I do know is that one day early in 1981 I found myself in a bookstore browsing through piles and chaotic piles of sale items. It was a hot day, and I was nauseous, having... Continue Reading →

Facebook fora and book reviews

I love the fact that translator fora exist on Facebook. I only became aware of this phenomenon this year. Through these fora, I now have contact with people I encountered years ago on a translator mailing list, fellow members of ProZ whom I shall probably never meet in the real world, translators I have met... Continue Reading →

Showered with blessings

Sources of Joy - Fabulous Day 50 Today was a day of very pleasant surprises. Those who know me forgive me for a number of things automatically. These characteristics include a reluctance to accept compliments graciously and an independent spirit which makes it difficult for me to ask for help, or accept offers of help. I... Continue Reading →

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