Small waves

I repented my clumsiness immediately as I swept up the glass, and a good deal else besides.

Shore to shore

The water came wave by rolling wave to take our love thus written into the endless sea for always.

Another ode to time

She might have felt dizzy, or had a fever that day, and felt unwell. In any case, the black man offered her his bed to lie on, and a book of poetry, by way of remedy.

Thyme, it was

But yes, this time of year there are Flanders poppies and daisies, the kind whose petals you can count to see if you are loved.

The lasagne connection

The thing that joined my birthday to that of my now deceased beloved woman was lasagne. My birthday is in early February and hers was in mid-March.  Thirty years go, when I was twenty-four, I held the first birthday dinner of many for João, on the occasion of her thirty-first birthday. Yes, I served lasagne... Continue Reading →


Myth aside, the thing about Aphrodite rising from the waves is that she is no different from countless other women who, each in their own time and their own way, have stood, feet planted in the sand, naked and proud, while the waves and winds swirled about; women who felt strong, so mightily strong and... Continue Reading →

Mark the day

In the early dawn half-light, I lay curled up under the covers like a chongololo.

Alentejo dreaming

The cork trees here were not found in my childhood.

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