Easy as she goes

There was an article recently which added to the weight of  photographic and other evidence that translators are physically active despite the stereotype of a nerdy weakling staring at a computer screen or poring over huge, dusty dictionaries somewhere that seems to persist. Like many other translators, I have been active all my life. I... Continue Reading →

Life-cycle of a translator

I chatted with a translator colleague my age via the Facebook chat box earlier this week, and was most amused to read our previous conversation about three months prior. For there, among incredibly witty self-deprecating remarks about the dubious delights of menopause, there were a couple of remarks about translation. I was wondering why a... Continue Reading →

Bucket for the unwanted

What you also really need is... a bucket for all those unwanted commas, a sense of humour and a sense of the serious.

Sons of the morning

At least stars are feminine in Portuguese and, I rather fancy, come out in the evening. It was at eventide that I took some fat oil pastel sticks and made this bad drawing of the house opposite. I made it much brighter than it actually is because that is how it looks with foreign eyes... Continue Reading →


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