Yellow blobs

If you have not yet tried the yellow-blob method of textual revision, I urge you to do so at your earliest convenience.  I do it all the time.

mini bio:

I have been working hard on my miniature biography. It has taken me thirty years (thirty-one, actually) to produce this.

Matters and Hatters

Jost Zetzsche, aka @jeromobot, has just published a book, without a co-author this time, entitled Translation Matters, available on Amazon. My TwitFeed told me this last night, which necessitated my putting the record straight immediately: I had to do this more to keep my name clean than anything else. TranslatorLand is such a big place... Continue Reading →

Easy as she goes

There was an article recently which added to the weight of  photographic and other evidence that translators are physically active despite the stereotype of a nerdy weakling staring at a computer screen or poring over huge, dusty dictionaries somewhere that seems to persist. Like many other translators, I have been active all my life. I... Continue Reading →

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