Those private jeans

Just in case you were worried about data privacy on That elusive pair of jeans on, I am pleased to announce that they have been clad in a GDPR Privacy Policy, as has my translation website at Allison Wright Translations. Read to the end of the Privacy Policy for this website for your treat.... Continue Reading →

Another German dictionary

Could you tell that I did not really care about the holiday one way or the other, but that I did care about the dictionaries?

Wild civility

I am all tuckered out acceding to requests for username and password, and somewhat bemused by the wishes of a colleague for a 'smooth transition'.

Greatest Women in Translation: Allison Wright | Carol’s Adventures in Translation

Source: Greatest Women in Translation: Allison Wright | Carol's Adventures in Translation I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by translator and interpreter Caroline Alberoni on my favourite subject - translation.

A twittery bunch

Twitter for business: how translators and interpreters use Twitter. It seems strange to reblog something about Twitter on WordPress, but Gala Gil Amat's recent survey is intended to be shared across platforms...

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