Digital territory

I shall be addressing these issues at METM18 in October in a presentation entitled When your name's on it: marking your digital territory: When does sharing become stealing? When is tweeting not cool? What can you do to curtail bad practise and raise awareness without raising hackles on social media? What do you do if... Continue Reading →

Chronicle of Allison’s translation blogs in 2016

As translators and writers, we need to hone our craft constantly, whatever route we choose.

“Be Italian!”

The quotation in the title comes from a song, from the 2009 musical film, Nine, sung by singer Fergie. In the film she plays the part of Saraghina. The song is giving advice to pubescent boys on how to make a woman happy in a delightfully sensuous way, if one ignores all associated stereotypes about... Continue Reading →

Two-minute edit, referenced.

After immersing myself in the hundreds of opinions and articles which stemmed from my reading Fiona McQuarrie's (Freshly Pressed) blog entitled, "Imagine: How Did This Happen?", and hastily checking whether I still believed what I have written about plagiarism on my website, I thought that perhaps I should snap out of the daze thus induced and... Continue Reading →

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