Art everywhere

Vague recollections of batiks smelling of hot wax in the art room at school.


Why would I ever want to contemplate my navel again when I can experience nausea by gazing down the abyss of my own spinal column?


Sources of Joy - Day 22 I really do love working. I got confirmation of an editing assignment set to begin in about three month's time. The client offered to make part-payment at the beginning of the job, which made me feel about ten times more special than I really am. Other aspects about this... Continue Reading →

Tablets and birthday cards

After we had had coffee at the café nearby, a friend came to my apartment for the first time yesterday in what has been a series of serendipitous encounters. I had worked rapidly all morning to meet her at lunchtime. Just before I left I was frantically trying to find some itsy-bitsy little thing which falls... Continue Reading →

Books, Art, Cakes and Kindles

I am a book-lover. What other reason would there be for ogling the Kindle advertisement?As a child I used to spend a good part of my Saturday mornings browsing in the second-hand book exchange above the butchery my mother visited every week. It was, I believe, run by a woman by the name of Marion Arnold,... Continue Reading →

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