Sources of Joy – Day 27

Small things I am happy that a friend has planted mint underneath her garden tap in the middle of California. I love chatting on Skype with my cousin; we are serious and silly in perfect proportions. I can review my VAT records without grunting or swearing. My first  Saturday afternoon sleep in ages felt decadent and... Continue Reading →

It was the marshmallows wot did it

My earliest memory of surreptitiously satisfying my sweet tooth relates to my six-year-old self climbing onto the kitchen counter to gain access to a big round biscuit tin about four inches deep placed on top of the fridge by my mother. That in itself was supposed to be a secret place but, as you know,... Continue Reading →

The meaning of invincible

It is a feature of human nature that we more readily accept into our personal realm those with whom we share something in common than those with whom we do not. By reading a book, we accept whatever that book holds into our own space, the space we hold most dear. The fact that Muriel... Continue Reading →

Caring is scary

The following is written as my contribution to Blog Action Day. The theme this year is "The Power of We". To register for Blog Action Day, you have to choose a category from available options for your blog. I chose "personal".   So, personal it will be. It will also be brutally honest. You have... Continue Reading →

Personalised smoking

This post is about smoking. For the benefit of those who are fiercely anti-tobacco, reformed smokers, or under the legal age to smoke, I should be patently clear: I am not advocating the smoking of cigarettes. I shall not discuss the health issues. I will get other comments out of the way quickly. It is... Continue Reading →

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