Personalised smoking

This post is about smoking.

For the benefit of those who are fiercely anti-tobacco, reformed smokers, or under the legal age to smoke, I should be patently clear: I am not advocating the smoking of cigarettes.

I shall not discuss the health issues. I will get other comments out of the way quickly.

It is possible that we all agree that it is a dirty, smelly, expensive addiction which prompts so much controversy and ill-feeling that it is not worth expending energy on it. We can probably mostly agree – whether smokers or not – that we wish cigarette smoking was less dirty, smelly, expensive or addictive. It would make everyone’s lives so much easier.

But, wait, let us get back to the real world.

Today, I am sharing a few cigarette pack images I created using a little application found at, with which I played at intervals during the day. In my smoke breaks, so to speak.

One could also say that I have personalised my cigarette packs for the next few days. It is a pity that current international legislation puts a damper on this marvelous marketing idea.

I could equally have spent my time doing cat cartoons, but I am allergic to cats and do not know much about them. Then, there is the tomato sequence, but fussy as I am, I have never visualised an animated tomato with a moustache, so gave that one a miss. The flower was quite sweet, but I was not feeling florally-inclined today. The other options have possibilities too.

I began with a basic emotion:

The main reason I will not smile is because I sincerely believe that the world is a wonderful place full of infinite variety, thus providing countless more interesting topics of conversation than the fact that I am smoking one after the other in a social situation.

It was just then that a rather competitive friend on the other side of the world told me to stop smoking and play my Scrabble® turns. Of course, I did not comply until I created this one:

As invariably happens, I thought of an old joke my father was fond of:

In case you are wondering what “picture of the factory on the front” means, it is an oblique reference to a well-known brand which carries the image of a desert animal.

Not very wholesome, I know, but at least much is left to the imagination given the absence of swear words.

Which is not the case in the next one. I suppose you have to be at least six years old to be allowed to say it these days.

Non literal translation into English: NO – No name, no design, no taxes. No doubt, I am dreaming.

Having located the lighter in real life, I continued working until my eyes fell with remarkable interest on a little Portuguese preposition “sem”, meaning “without”.

I put stray thoughts on the back burner for another half hour, but then felt compelled to return to “the generator”, to make what some may construe as an activist statement, but really, I was just playing with words.

This was pretty much what happened with the last one too, and I am pleased about it, because I can end on a positive note.


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