Meh, and the fuck-it generation

They have been validated by the sophistry that everything is defined by how the egocentric individual feels about it.


Sources of Joy - Days 96 and 97 Perhaps I have been unduly influenced by a curious blend, inter alia∗, of pop psychology, New Age thinking and French literary trends c. 1920–1960. Today's events on my little planet revolved around the theme of choice, something I expounded upon at length for about a decade straddling... Continue Reading →

What now, little chicken?

The title of this cute little story on Doug Savage's website is "Comfort Zone". Ever the optimist, I guess success depends on one doing something before one's feet hit the ground. I assume one lands on one's feet. Allison (currently floating)


Having given this piece the title "Zombified", I was compelled to check my suspicions about the etymology of the suffix of this word. I thought it must come from the latin facere - to do, or make. So, "zombified" signifies (to me, anyway) "made into a zombie", or "made like a zombie". Even though my... Continue Reading →

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