Meh, and the fuck-it generation

They have been validated by the sophistry that everything is defined by how the egocentric individual feels about it.


Sources of Joy - Days 96 and 97 Perhaps I have been unduly influenced by a curious blend, inter alia∗, of pop psychology, New Age thinking and French literary trends c. 1920–1960. Today's events on my little planet revolved around the theme of choice, something I expounded upon at length for about a decade straddling... Continue Reading →

What now, little chicken?

The title of this cute little story on Doug Savage's website is "Comfort Zone". Ever the optimist, I guess success depends on one doing something before one's feet hit the ground. I assume one lands on one's feet. Allison (currently floating)


Having given this piece the title "Zombified", I was compelled to check my suspicions about the etymology of the suffix of this word. I thought it must come from the latin facere - to do, or make. So, "zombified" signifies (to me, anyway) "made into a zombie", or "made like a zombie". Even though my... Continue Reading →

Sanity in the balance

I thought it was time for some passive appreciation, so headed off to see what the lovely Savage Chickens had been up to. It is precisely because it is such defining moment in Macbeth, where Shakespeare so deftly portrays someone slipping over the edge into the realms of insanity - and consciously so - that... Continue Reading →

Beethoven’s Fifth

I have been most remiss in sharing my monthly indulgence in Doug Savage's delightful Savage Chickens. You may contend that there is more to life than chickens, savage or otherwise. And you would be quite right. With all the recent furore over horses galloping into ready-made lasagna, I thought it best to keep my head... Continue Reading →

Having fun

I am the main reason that in our household there is no such thing as leftover chocolate, spare biscuits, or unwanted cake. It is therefore remarkable that I have managed to save my Savage Chickens moment for a whole week longer than necessary so that it coincided with my birthday. My version of spoiling myself. Over... Continue Reading →

Savage day!

I love the ambivalence elicited in me when I saw today's cartoon from Savage Chickens. Yes, excellent resolution to adopt! Notice favourite chicken's speed of execution. Notice how clean chicken's desk is, having scarpered off good and proper. Can I really pull a stunt like this off?Can you? I may have to schedule a couple... Continue Reading →

Savage talk and TED

Yay! Today is Savage Chickens day! In tribute to this excellent cartoonist who manages to fit drawings and words onto a yellow Post-it®, I slavishly follow Doug Savage's copyright rules which state that as one of the other 7 billion-odd people in the world, I am permitted to copy one of his images every thirty days. How wonderful it... Continue Reading →

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