Having fun

I am the main reason that in our household there is no such thing as

  • leftover chocolate,
  • spare biscuits, or
  • unwanted cake.

It is therefore remarkable that I have managed to save my Savage Chickens moment for a whole week longer than necessary so that it coincided with my birthday.
My version of spoiling myself.
Over and above the translation software upgrade, smartphone, and yesterday’s haircut.
All of which could be rationalised into the “necessary” category, especially the last mentioned.




Once, in the past, I had a strange hatrick:
On three successive birthdays, I spent the entire day in meetings, taking minutes.
That was a whole lot of fun, I can tell you.
No stereotypical shorthand for me.
No. Large, spiky, left-handed script on blank paper with a fountain pen.
In those days, it had just become fashionable for male corporate types to wear pale pink shirts (with the same old revolting ties, needless to say).
I, too, liked to wear the pale pink men’s shirts.
Looking around the board room table (with the odd plain white shirt for variation’s sake) anyone would think it was the marshmallow cricket team on their tea break.
As minute-taker, one’s composure should always be neutral. Your opinion is never sought. No one is interested in what you think.
Perhaps that is just as well.

Happy Savage Chickens Day!



4 thoughts on “Having fun

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  1. So, do I get to be a savage chicken today? If so why?

    In spanish we say “Sapo Verde” to you. It’s an old attempt at “Happy Birthday to you” that was so Nonsensical that stuck: Green frogs to you…. Is that what savage chicken is like?

    Happy Birthday Allison!!!! And lots of green frogs!

    Do you choose blank paper or did it make taking minutes worse to you?
    Left handed….I knew I liked you….
    If you like blank paper as much as I do we could be friends forever. I love good quality blank paper. I’m a paper snob. ; )

    Interesting pink shirt life you left behind. I know exactly what pink shirt life I left behind from reading yours…. I remember the pink shirt and the age of the pink shirt and the feel of lthat other life. thanks


    1. Portuguese has the same spelling and meaning in English – “green frog” – although not a birthday greeting (that I know of) in Portugal.
      Doug Savage draws witty cartoons, mainly of “Savage Chickens” on yellow Post-It (R) squares, His copyright states that once every thirty days, for any non profit purpose, any member of the public can save an image to their hard drive and upload in the image on a blog, etc. So that is what I do, every 30 days. Normally, I cannot wait
      Paper – why use lines when you do not need them?.Paper snobs of the world unite! Also a fountain pen snob, although sadly, seldom use one these days.


      1. Unite!

        Lines are usless, like you said. They are the ultimage clutter, besides.
        Lines are cute on kids papers like training wheels on kids bikes.

        It’s the meta tags…
        Just learned that meta tags are like tages but they are frases invisible to humans. They are only visible to search engines, except for when they come up on a search, then it beomes the “page description” in google.
        I think when my schycic search ingene read your meta tags they said: “Delighted left hand holds perfect fountain pen to crist quality blank paper spelling magic.”
        So my intuition must have chose that search with me not knowing why.
        Nice to meet you!

        Savage chicken day. : )

        I know I wasn’t the nly one. But I just didn’t know any other. Till now.
        One of my first blog posts back six months ago when I started to blog every day…no faountain pen, no fab blank paper, what I didn’t say was if that wasn’t bad enough, now I write with two hands instead of just my left.


  2. I used to work with a Spanish guy, a certain Juan-Torregoza Mendez (wow, can’t believe I still remember his name) who always put in for a day’s leave on his birthday. He dutifully presented me with some cash the day before, to ensure that I bought the traditional cakes for the staff. Very thoughtful of him, a very sweet man. I wonder where he is now?


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