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Creativity | artdoodles. My sister, the art teacher, is blogging now. She is doing an online course called, "Blogging for Art Educators" and says it is great meeting a whole lot of other teachers trying their hand at the same thing. She made me laugh: She wanted blogging advice from me. Allison

Beethoven’s Fifth

I have been most remiss in sharing my monthly indulgence in Doug Savage's delightful Savage Chickens. You may contend that there is more to life than chickens, savage or otherwise. And you would be quite right. With all the recent furore over horses galloping into ready-made lasagna, I thought it best to keep my head... Continue Reading →


The first time I saw dynamic graphic representations of neural pathways in our brains on a television documentary, I understood immediately why physical pathways - and where they might lead - fascinate. This afternoon while a friend was waiting to see the doctor in Loulé, I went in search of a shop with the intention... Continue Reading →

Pencil in hand

There is something quintessentially civilised about sitting in a café. I love saying that because I love sitting in a café, and I love drinking coffee.I also love saying that, because anyone who might be tempted to think of something else quintessentially civilised is in danger of being thought uncivilised for doing so. Perhaps it was... Continue Reading →

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