The translation that wasn’t

In my world, words on boxes have to make sense.

Sources of Joy – Day 5

Fear, health centre, acupuncture, and kneeling in general Today's sources of joy lie in the incongruous bordering on the paradoxical. I discovered that fear has no place if one is to relish wholeheartedly in the incongruity of it all. The fear I talk of is much more unsettling than the kind of dread with which... Continue Reading →

Assaulted by infinitude

In an attempt to keep up with what is happening in the world around me, I began reading an overwhelmingly detailed blog by Christopher Mims entitled, How the “internet of things” will replace the web I launched myself jauntily into the text and was happily memorising lots of little bits of information new to me,... Continue Reading →

Cândido Guerreiro revisited

According to my blog statistics, someone read my post of August 2012 entitled, Now or never: translation of a poem and other things I do not know. I felt bad, because before, you could not see the poem and my draft translation side by side. Well, now you can. Head over there to have a... Continue Reading →

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