Every language pair

Given the recent punishing work schedule I imposed on myself, I may be forgiven for thinking that I was hallucinating, but this e-mail actually did arrive in my spam folder. I appreciate that it is very difficult to achieve perfection of expression in one's own language, let alone a second one. I am not knocking... Continue Reading →

Apostrophe special

Res Poeticae

David Bowie used to do this. In an interview with British marvel, Michael Parkinson, he spoke about his creative process. David Bowie used to cut words out of the newspaper, or write arbitrary words on a piece of paper, and if my memory serves me correctly – and I believe it usually does! – he... Continue Reading →

Friendily yours,

Let’s not kill all the translators… « Thoughts On Translation. Friendly is as friendly does. The drafting of letters, particularly diplomatic ones, is a serious matter. "Amicalement", left in the French, would have been a better choice, especially given the "Cher Barack" salutation, and the fact that unless you are a complete oddball, "Amicably" does... Continue Reading →

Cement, and the floppy sentence

I woke up this morning and heard Mitt Romney's entire concession speech before coffee. This is remarkable, because I very rarely watch TV, let alone first thing in my morning. He looked neat, remarkably fresh. He stood up straight, and for all the world could have been the captain of a sports team at a... Continue Reading →

Lest we seek, we may not find.

Had I paid more attention to the minute detail of a book by O F Emerson entitled The History of the English Language given to me by a quite famous Professor of English by the name of Guy Butler who was reputed have have known by heart no fewer than three of Shakepeare's plays, one... Continue Reading →

To whom should I rant?

Where, oh where, is a sound-proof, padded room when you need one? One should not have to think about something which should have been learned by the age of 11 or 12.

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