I blame Johnnie Walker

The famous brand of whiskey united their logo image and wordplay on part of the brand name with their slogan "keep walking". Somewhere between the clinking of the ice and the drinking of this golden liquid surpassed in its glory and purity only by water itself, "keep on walking" became one of our slogans. The... Continue Reading →

Raining today, just as well

Just as well I have a crazy alarm clock.

Sunday and everything

I follow the Indian method of washing dishes - under running water. It is considered cleaner. It also helps wash away the tears which I do not shed. Never mind that. It is breakfast time. As predicted  - since it happens every day, João says yes enthusiastically when I ask whether, perhaps, she would like... Continue Reading →

Self-promotion, strangely enough

Sources of Joy - Days 36 and 37 Note:  All graphic material on this page is the sole copyright of Toni Le Busque, who so engagingly illustrated my brief but informative memoirs in Scatterling. Seeing as she had so much fun drawing them, I am, as far as I know, the only one who is... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Days 31—33 I have decided to give the "Sources of Joy" series proper blog titles from now on, with the day count as the subtitle and the URL. I shall be revising the titles of all past posts in this category in the days ahead. That way, I can keep track,... Continue Reading →

Caring is scary

The following is written as my contribution to Blog Action Day. The theme this year is "The Power of We". To register for Blog Action Day, you have to choose a category from available options for your blog. I chose "personal".   So, personal it will be. It will also be brutally honest. You have... Continue Reading →

In pursuit of trivia

While my partner was resting this afternoon I had utter silence; no background TV, no neighbour - silence! This wonderful opportunity brought on an intense and very productive bit of translation on a German into English project I am working on. I do believe that as one loses physical ability, one's powers of perception become... Continue Reading →

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