Raining today, just as well

It is raining today.
Just as well I gardened yesterday when it was sunny.
And just as well it is raining: newly dug earth needs to settle.
Just as well someone gave me a lift after I had dropped my car off at the mechanics.
It meant I had energy to garden in the afternoon, since I did not have to carry that big pack of incontinence nappies I bought for the entire 45 minutes it takes to walk home uphill.
Just as well I have a crazy alarm clock with ever-ascending volume and flashing lights, the works. Without it, I would not have remembered the date, and would not have got to the mechanics on time.
Just as well I removed the dressing which was wet on my partner’s bedsore yesterday.
That’s what the home care nurse said today.
Just as well I am turning her regularly, like some lamb on the split; only she is not slaughtered quite yet.
Just as well we enjoyed all our yesterdays, for there are no tomorrows.
Just as well, because I would not know what to do with them.

Raised vegetable bed made with discarded pallets
Raised vegetable bed made with discarded pallets

©2017 Allison Wright

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