Byronic potatoes

I dedicate my lunch today to Lord Byron. One look at the photo above, and you may think that is an insult - either to Lord Byron or to the carapau assado, a typical Portuguese dish, depending on your opinions regarding either or both. Before I explain, and since I am talking about Byron, I... Continue Reading →

In good order

Sources of Joy - Day 68 I have a table and chairs in my new kitchen. I achieved my goal of getting my new kitchen completely ready and everything clean by the end of the day. I did it while listening to fado all afternoon. Except for the fridge, everything is set to go. I... Continue Reading →

Things are happening

Sources of Joy - Day 62 and 63 I got my car back yesterday. It is fixed. Before I got my car back, I had to do some work. Somewhat out of character, I found the act of working difficult. This has a lot to do with the radical changes taking place in my life, and the... Continue Reading →

Paraphernalia and pumpkin seeds

There is one thing I vowed and declared I would never intentionally do: say something vacuous to a child. This is made easier by the fact that I never had any children of my own. My vow kicked into full gear when my sister produced the first of three - need I say it, wonderful -... Continue Reading →

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