My days are layered. One day is heaped upon another in an endless stream. Swirling currents from years gone by flow through them.


Sketches in ink - 51-52 My landlady gave us these objects of her work and creativity. They are lightly roasted dried figs and almonds. It seemed a pity to cut them up and eat them, but we did. We know what they taste like, you see. I make a mental note to factor in time;... Continue Reading →

Oddities – the 2014 version

Here are a few oddities: I have been rushed off my feet with work since before Christmas, yet I have been taking stock. I love my sleep, yet I have not had very much of it – unless you count the last four nights. I have many plans, but no concrete plan in place for 2014.... Continue Reading →

A difficult balance

I do have a good laugh when I choose to write on a subject about which I know so very little. When I was still at school, we had to read a novel by George Duhamel entitled Le Notaire du Havre which, as now expected with so much of modern literature, had nothing - and... Continue Reading →

I have just being doing a bit of blog admin, and clicked on one of the search engine items used to find my site.To my horror, it opened up in the Google browser, and my blog had been translated into a mangled mess of what might be construed as Brazilian Portuguese in some weird sci-fi movie featuring... Continue Reading →

Change management

Clearly, I am not managing my desire to change my blog's theme very well. I am exhausted by the time taken to choose this one because of the easy-to-read font. Depending entirely upon my whim and workload, this less-than satisfactory re-vamp may well remain unchanged for quite some time. Right now, fiddling about with the... Continue Reading →

Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

I thought it would be best to fizzle out quietly on this whole NanoWriMo lark with a cheerful little song – which in true Country and Western tradition, allows everyone whether young or old, to pick a harmony, and just sing for all they are worth. The lyrics are included in this link, so why don't... Continue Reading →

Saturday morning introversion

Susan Cain: The power of introverts | Video on I am so glad I have real friends on Facebook who post interesting things I wait two days to watch because I think it is going to take too much of my time. This video is only nineteen minutes long, and well worth every single... Continue Reading →

Fast forward

Today could be the perfect case study for bad time management. I pretty much had it under control for three and a half hours. At 10:30 I had been working for two hours at a steady pace and was enjoying the experience. Then I remembered my partner had a dental appointment at 11:30. Well, we... Continue Reading →

Allow me to introduce myself

Call me old-fashioned, if you will.  I like to be introduced when I meet people I have hitherto not encountered, even if I perform the introduction myself. Thus, the way is paved for the possibility of a sharing of common interests, whether in business, or for the delightful purposes of friendship.Upon introduction in the real... Continue Reading →

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