Sketches in ink – 51-52

My landlady gave us these objects of her work and creativity.
They are lightly roasted dried figs and almonds.
It seemed a pity to cut them up and eat them, but we did.
We know what they taste like, you see.

I make a mental note to factor in time;
To help with the fig harvest in July or August,
Which is useless to see as a reciprocation of her generosity,
Since she will see it as an opportunity for future kindesses such as these.

I still have other gifts from other neighbours –
Dried figs not yet eaten – so many!
And almonds, as yet uncracked – in the cupboard.
I will try my hand at this art
Although nervous about the roasting part.
From what I understand, I place them in the oven
The next time I bake a cake.

I will try my hand at this art
Because it is a pity I spend all my time
On the fine art of translation –
But I do.

It will be a carrot cake.

©2015, Allison Wright

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