Breathing space

Sketches in ink – 44-50

For me, being a freelance translator means I know what the date is, and certainly what the time is, but I often forget what day it is. It made so much more sense to me to enjoy a relaxed lunch with João on this day called Thursday than it did on the Sunday just passed.

It made enormous sense before lunch to take advantage of the slightly warmer day, weed a little more of the vegetable bed in the back garden, and transplant a good many arum lilies situated there to augment their already existing abundance in the two front flower beds. You cannot see most of the transplanted ones in this photo. They are on the other side of the short path in a bed which is subject to very different climatic conditions, despite its proximity to this one.

What you can see is that I felt relaxed enough to take João outside for a few minutes to give her an energetic gardening update. I bounced around from one spot to the other, telling her what had been planted where.

She likes the purple pansies – in Portuguese, “amor perfeito”, or “perfect love”. I am hopeful that where the soil appears bare today will soon be a riot of purples, pinks, dark reds, and whites based on haphazard sowing of seeds during my previous communion with the soil . More colour will mean more time outside for João, and an excuse for me to take a breather between intense bouts of work which, as rewarding as they are, prevent me from blogging every day!

©2015, Allison Wright

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