Cork insertion, Chapel of the Souls

Burmester Cellars, Porto, Portugal
Cork insertion machine.
A useful item if you are a wine producer and bottler from a previous century.

I am feeling a little odd about publicising the translation guest blog I wrote for Moira Monney of Johnson Language Solutions entitled, Passionate about getting things right*. on my own blog, but did not really want to click on the “Press This” icon.*

*Note added:
Effective from November 2014, or thereabouts, Moira  decided to no longer maintain her translation blog, so she gave me permission to publish the original guest blog on my own translation website, which is where the above link directs you.

That is why I have included two photographs which I would guess most inhabitants of Porto in Portugal would have no trouble recognising.

Capela das Almas | Chapel of the Souls
Capela das Almas | Chapel of the Souls


Neither of these pictures reflect how very hilly Porto is. For that, you will have to make a trip yourself – and then wish you had spent longer in that beautiful city.




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