The Sound of Silence

Given that I currently have a high fever, I thought I would take my freshly-showered self off for a mid-afternoon relaxation and meditation session. So, I read “The Sound of Silence”.
Now, I am off to laugh about it all over again, relax, and meditate!

Thank you for the days

We welcomed the four directions into the room.  She told us that she’d checked the compass points earlier and apparently due North was actually facing the corner, which she didn’t like.  So, instead we invited an “imagined” North, (technically NNE) into the room.  Then we turned to the East, (but it wasn’t the East) and the almost South and the not quite West and invited them in too.  We breathed in the Divine Goddess Mother and reached up to welcome Father Sky, finished it off with a few hand mudras, then low-and-behold, the writing workshop was open.

I’d signed up to discover my “Authentic Writer’s Voice”, which obviously isn’t the sneery, cynical voice of my blog.  No, it’s the caring, loving voice of my nice selfy-helpy books; yep, the voice I’ve never heard.  So, I came to a workshop to educate myself about writing from “within”. What I’d imaged was…

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