You will thank me for sharing

Sempre em frente

I need to “flesh out” my characters in this NaNoWriMo novel I am trying to write. All embarrassing details are revealed on my Mnah-mnah Day 8 page above.
One more thing: None of my characters have actually looked at each other – longingly or otherwise – yet. Oh, dear!


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    1. Dispel all thoughts of alien beings per se, Wayward. Grace had a Facebook group for her extended family of poets and other people last year (I was made an honorary relative), and did something quite clever. She took a rather obscure published sci-fi book and started us all off with part of Chapter 1 of that book, then we all got to add a bit here and there. Never finished it, and others lost interest. The alien story has to wait until I can draw better cartoon characters. “Zorf” – my alien – has plenty of things to say, but is currently halted in the works as a series of speech bubbles on a black page.


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