Rethinking Facebook

Private and Personal I freely admit that up until very recently I answered all translator forum polls regarding Facebook with the comment that I reserve Facebook for friends and family, and use ProZ, LinkedIn and Google+ and, to a certain extent, my blog, for interaction on a professional level. I had this idea that I... Continue Reading →

Oddities – the 2014 version

Here are a few oddities: I have been rushed off my feet with work since before Christmas, yet I have been taking stock. I love my sleep, yet I have not had very much of it – unless you count the last four nights. I have many plans, but no concrete plan in place for 2014.... Continue Reading →

Your laundry is calling you

The other day, the poll on a translator forum asked how long we worked before taking a break. You will note that the question was not how often we take breaks. That would imply that most freelance translators stick to a rigid timetable. I, for one, cannot imagine that there are too many translators who... Continue Reading →

SDL Trados Studio: Emma hits the mark, once again

Shortcuts in SDL Trados Studio: the basics. Apart from her characteristic clarity and precision, one of the things I like about Emma Goldsmith is that she shares her knowledge so liberally. Of course, this knowledge is available in the SDL Trados help files and videos on Youtube, but if you are allergic to those two... Continue Reading →

Strategic Siestas

Eventually - about half way down the page, you will be able to read about my freelance translation summer survival plan. But first, the historical preamble: I am relatively new to the whole experience of the European summer. As a recent immigrant to Portugal from Zimbabwe, this is only my fifth one. Southern African seasons... Continue Reading →

Cork insertion, Chapel of the Souls

I am feeling a little odd about publicising the translation guest blog I wrote for Moira Monney of Johnson Language Solutions entitled, Passionate about getting things right*. on my own blog, but did not really want to click on the "Press This" icon.* *Note added: Effective from November 2014, or thereabouts, Moira  decided to no... Continue Reading →


I know what you are thinking. At least, I imagine that you do. I imagine you are thinking I have been lying on my new couch all night watching TV instead of blogging. This is not true. I was getting carried away with work. Two evenings of partial relaxation on the aforementioned piece of furniture... Continue Reading →


  Perhaps the title of this blog is a little premature, since the most unbearable – or glorious, depending on your work plans – days are yet to come. A few weeks ago – during our first heatwave of the season – one of the agencies who keeps me quite busy asked what my plans were for the summer.... Continue Reading →

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