SDL Trados Studio: Emma hits the mark, once again

Shortcuts in SDL Trados Studio: the basics.

Apart from her characteristic clarity and precision, one of the things I like about Emma Goldsmith is that she shares her knowledge so liberally.

Of course, this knowledge is available in the SDL Trados help files and videos on Youtube, but if you are allergic to those two things as I am, Emma is a wonderful alternative!

Emma’s mention of mastering these shortcuts so that you can perform them blindfolded reminded me of that period in PC history before mice populated our desks, when during the act of translating, I would often close my eyes while typing, especially if the sentence was particularly long. Why? It was faster, and frequently resulted in a better quality translation.

Who else does this?


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  1. Many thanks for your fantastic feedback on my blog, Allison. It’s comments like yours that make it worth blogging!
    I’m not sure if I’ve ever closed my eyes for inspiration (maybe medical translations aren’t creative enough) but, yes, I certainly look away from the keyboard, and have even caught myself finishing off typing a sentence while saying something to someone who’s just come into the room.
    One of my pet peeves, in fact, is using my laptop keyboard when I haven’t got my full keyboard plugged in. The shortcuts aren’t exactly where they should be and that means I have to keep looking down to see where they’ve gone!


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