Sand and Silence

Whenever I think of beach sand, the noise of the sea rushes into my ears. I have never lived near the sea. On one holiday, I found the constant breaking of the waves so comforting to the soul, I earnestly wished I could preserve that auditory memory forever. The memory does not last; it is... Continue Reading →

Rude comments collection

The most delightful public scultpure I have encountered is on a roundabout as one approaches Faro airport. It consists of an assemblage of slightly larger than life figures in various postures all looking up towards the sky. Made of limestone, on top of which much of the Algarve stands, they have the feel of being... Continue Reading →

An unexpected treasure

—This post is the first of two fashion stories. More or less. The second is an illustrated version of an overly long Facebook status update made a few days ago. This story has been written with the assistance of  my misplaced notes dated 23 December 1999 referred to in a post entitled, "Miscellany" from October... Continue Reading →


I had intended this post to be an account of a visit long ago to the home and workshop of world-famous Ghanaian fashion designer, Kofi Ansah. I scribbled the detail over a decade ago, and was recently reminded of this visit by a sculpture I saw which bore some similarity to something this man had... Continue Reading →

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