Seeds and Tools | Sementes e Ferramentas

I gave a presentation on 23 April at Aptrad’s one-day #TranslateLeiria event. The original presentation was in my own inimitable Portuguese, by which I mean that I am the only one who can torture this beautiful language in this particular way. I would therefore like to record my gratitude to Ana Silva Dias for so kindly eliminating my most ghastly transgressions.

In a process that was more torturous than pleasurable for me, I have now rendered the presentation in English. Both are available for download in PDF format below.

Some of you might be interested to know that the source of inspiration for this presentation was an exercise in improvisation, the brainchild of Chris Durban, called Golden Notes which was part of the proceedings at Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference in 2018.

For the Sementes e Ferramentas presentation in Portuguese, click Download below this image:

For the Seeds and Tools presentation in English, click Download below this image:

I hope that translators can find a few ideas in this presentation that they can put into practice as they pursue that all-important goal of honing their craft.

©2022 Allison Wright

2 thoughts on “Seeds and Tools | Sementes e Ferramentas

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    1. Thank you! The self-torture came from the fact that I conceived of how to say what I was thinking in Portuguese, and on occasion, finding the mot juste in English was harder than I expected!
      There are edits to make on my notes regarding terminology; I shall replace the relevant PDF in due course, whenever that will be.


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