Those principles, and the countless conversations we had which bound them together, form an imaginary, well-thumbed book.

Sweeping for Jesus

I am an at-the-desk and sitting-up-straight-on-a-chair person. Always have been. I could never do homework on my bed. My laptop always sits on my desk, perched like some space-age typewriter. But today I am doing something I never normally do. I am sitting on our new sofa with my feet up, with my laptop on... Continue Reading →

Some days, a fairytale

Some days, it is probably better not to share one's thoughts. As I sat daydreaming positively at my desk, I wondered how my search for truth was coming along. I know, I'll search for truth on Google! This turns out to be the worst idea I have had all day: I get "about 57,300,000 results... Continue Reading →

A failed ascetic awakes

I was strangely drawn at a young age to the concept of asceticism.  Perhaps it was the collocation of living as a child in a country at war, where people survived against the odds in an environment of economic sanctions, and those ridiculous cotton dresses which passed for school uniforms, over which we were permitted... Continue Reading →

Denim and truth

On the threshold of my teenage years, I discovered for the first time in my life that as selfish as such behaviour might be, nagging one's mother to distraction does yield the desired result. The very much desired object of my affection was my first pair of jeans. There is no need to describe them... Continue Reading →

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