Curtains washed!

Sources of Joy - Days 60 – 61 Yesterday I met the woman whose cottage I had been looking for the day before. I viewed the small house today. It has advantages, but all rooms are quite small. I shall be viewing the house on top of the hill tomorrow or the next day. Yesterday my... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Day 22 I really do love working. I got confirmation of an editing assignment set to begin in about three month's time. The client offered to make part-payment at the beginning of the job, which made me feel about ten times more special than I really am. Other aspects about this... Continue Reading →


Editing and proofreading should be paid more on account of the monotony factor. I have survived the most recent doctoral thesis to tell the tale. Some interesting ideas were contained therein. I see from my draft blogs that I must have, at some point late one night, had a private rant, the edited version of... Continue Reading →

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