Rule No 6

Always wondered how many ways you had to try before it worked. I never tried to leave my lover, although I did fancy hopping on a bus occasionally.


Note: The 4,100 words which follow contain my observations alone.  You may see things differently, although I do hope that at least something strikes a chord.  If you cannot stomach a text this long - a text I felt compelled to write - be glad that I put the poem and its translation at the... Continue Reading →

Flagging a quip

~Sources of Joy ~ Day 212 I have been fighting with my text today, but then I remembered what someone else once said - as one does, and felt so much better for it. Anna Haxen, a Danish to English translator, thought what she had to say in a forum one day was pretty unremarkable,... Continue Reading →

A street light

~Sources of Joy ~ Day 208 I have been logging in my various sources of joy on Facebook instead of here for far too long. It was less time-consuming, and on that platform I do not feel obliged to provide a picture to go with the story. Here is what turned out to be a... Continue Reading →

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