The pot can stop…

Sources of Joy – Day 99

… calling the kettle black.

I almost destroyed the kettle through negligence – otherwise known as being  in the zone or absentmindedness, whichever you prefer.

After a second, more vigorous, attempt yesterday, I restored the item in question to its former glory. I have not used it yet. I am using instead a very little pot, whose lid rattles when the water boils.

The underside looks a little bent, battered and pock marked.
The underside looks a little bent, battered and buckled. The lid has been without a handle for years.

Given the rigours of my current work schedule, this will be the last indulgence in domestic goddess-like activity for a while.

I was pleased with myself for raking all the plums on the ground into little piles by way of occupational therapy early yesterday evening. My next therapy session will probably involve a wheelbarrow and several trips to the compost heap.

One more source of joy: This blog now has just over 500 followers. I like the fact that readers come from all over the world, too. Thank you for following me!


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