Bookends in unison

Sources of Joy - Day 71 This is my favourite, and briefest of ballads.  Simon and Garfunkel in unison. By the time my twenty-first birthday came around it was no secret that I was a real bookworm. We all know bookworms are not real. I have never found a worm in any book. The... Continue Reading →

Melancholy, and books I no longer have

Sources of Joy - Day 70 It may have been gifts of money from Christmas or my birthday, but what I do know is that one day early in 1981 I found myself in a bookstore browsing through piles and chaotic piles of sale items. It was a hot day, and I was nauseous, having... Continue Reading →

Fresh energy

Sources of Joy - Day 69 I sat down and ate my lunch slowly today, and enjoyed doing so. This is unusual for me, and therefore counts as an achievement. Standing up in the kitchen and only eating half of what I should is my usual way of doing things. I also lay down just... Continue Reading →

In good order

Sources of Joy - Day 68 I have a table and chairs in my new kitchen. I achieved my goal of getting my new kitchen completely ready and everything clean by the end of the day. I did it while listening to fado all afternoon. Except for the fridge, everything is set to go. I... Continue Reading →

Who needs the beach?

Sources of Joy - Days 65-67 I spent Friday preparing to begin moving our belongings to the new house on Saturday. New spaces require new configurations, and choosing carefully what goes in each of our seven (!) kists. I am determined that things proceed in an orderly fashion, and if this takes a little longer... Continue Reading →

Spatial relations

Sources of Joy - Day 64 The overriding thought today was about the nature of space. I have cleared space in my normal schedule to deal with many things, including the moving of what together constitutes our home from one place to another. I have kept work to the bare minimum - about 20% of... Continue Reading →

Things are happening

Sources of Joy - Day 62 and 63 I got my car back yesterday. It is fixed. Before I got my car back, I had to do some work. Somewhat out of character, I found the act of working difficult. This has a lot to do with the radical changes taking place in my life, and the... Continue Reading →

Facebook fora and book reviews

I love the fact that translator fora exist on Facebook. I only became aware of this phenomenon this year. Through these fora, I now have contact with people I encountered years ago on a translator mailing list, fellow members of ProZ whom I shall probably never meet in the real world, translators I have met... Continue Reading →

Curtains washed!

Sources of Joy - Days 60 – 61 Yesterday I met the woman whose cottage I had been looking for the day before. I viewed the small house today. It has advantages, but all rooms are quite small. I shall be viewing the house on top of the hill tomorrow or the next day. Yesterday my... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Days 57 – 59 Visiting João in the care facility on Wednesday afternoon was a mixture of oddities and the perfectly natural. The odd thing was that a friend gave me a lift to the next town; the perfectly natural thing was that she should accompany me. In fact, I had asked... Continue Reading →

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