Sources of Joy - Days 57 – 59 Visiting João in the care facility on Wednesday afternoon was a mixture of oddities and the perfectly natural. The odd thing was that a friend gave me a lift to the next town; the perfectly natural thing was that she should accompany me. In fact, I had asked... Continue Reading →

Change and the mustard seed

Sources of Joy - Days 54 – 56 A eulogy of sorts During this, my officially designated "respite", I have made honest attempts to achieve more regular days, manage my time with greater precision, and render plans and strategies conceived thus far more concrete. All this, yet still, days flow one into the other as the... Continue Reading →

Keeping it simple

Sources of Joy - Days 52 and 53 Day 52, a Friday, brought with it the joy of clearing a debt just in time, and of giving a few smiles to the woman at Social Security (a published poet) while I described looking at the sea as an opportunity to "look at all possible dreams... Continue Reading →

La plume de ma tante

Sources of Joy - Day 51 At some point - I forget when - during my teenage years, my favourite aunt gave me her Parker 51 fountain pen. I see from the Wikipedia reference that it was the "vacumatic" model. It was exactly like the top one pictured there. For many left-handers, fountain pens present... Continue Reading →

Showered with blessings

Sources of Joy - Fabulous Day 50 Today was a day of very pleasant surprises. Those who know me forgive me for a number of things automatically. These characteristics include a reluctance to accept compliments graciously and an independent spirit which makes it difficult for me to ask for help, or accept offers of help. I... Continue Reading →

Saving grace and saving face

Sources of Joy - scattered over days 44-49 These six days have been interspersed with the varied joys of public transport, public bureaucracy of the efficient kind, no transport except my two feet on several occasions, unexpected giving up the ghost of my own vehicular transport after its recent visit to the mechanic's, and the... Continue Reading →

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