I decided that extraneous information was not required. It was too nice a day.

Figs for free

Last Saturday morning I succumbed to the temptation to walk to one of my favourite coffee shops, about 1,200 metres from my home. As you might recall, I still have  some restrictions in movement because of a herniated disc in my lumbar region as a result of a car accident almost three months ago. My... Continue Reading →

I blame Johnnie Walker

The famous brand of whiskey united their logo image and wordplay on part of the brand name with their slogan "keep walking". Somewhere between the clinking of the ice and the drinking of this golden liquid surpassed in its glory and purity only by water itself, "keep on walking" became one of our slogans. The... Continue Reading →

Almost there

Sketches in ink -38 It has been 28 years since I did exercises of any kind in a group. I kid you not. If you are a gym junkie and good at mental arithmetic and historical trivia, you will realise that I am making vague references to Jane Fonda workout tapes, and similar. The warm-up... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Days 57 – 59 Visiting João in the care facility on Wednesday afternoon was a mixture of oddities and the perfectly natural. The odd thing was that a friend gave me a lift to the next town; the perfectly natural thing was that she should accompany me. In fact, I had asked... Continue Reading →

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