Figs for free

Last Saturday morning I succumbed to the temptation to walk to one of my favourite coffee shops, about 1,200 metres from my home. As you might recall, I still have  some restrictions in movement because of a herniated disc in my lumbar region as a result of a car accident almost three months ago. My usual long strides at speed are out of the question. I walked slowly. I took over twenty minutes for what I know I could do in 11 in July this year.  This meant I had plenty of time to spot the little half-dried figs still hanging on the trees on my route.

I was a real glutton.  I had three handfuls as pictured here.  Total sugar overload.  From that you can deduce that I am not walking to lose weight. I am walking because I like walking. I am walking because I like coffee in the coffee shop. Any figs I can scoff along the way are a bonus.

Today, still trussed up in my corset, I walked with my neighbours again. I managed all four kilometres for the first time since the accident. And I managed a few figs. The rains are making them soggy, and so no more until next year.  Meanwhile, I had my first two persimmons of the season today, and tomorrow morning I shall breakfast on pomegranate juice.  It is a little like the milk of Paradise, I imagine. It has to be; sometime I think that is where I live.

©2017 Allison Wright

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