Now is my chance

What a silly saying! Now is always my chance. There is no other time. Only now.

Only, now is my chance, before other things take up my time, to squeeze in a quick blog, because there is only so much learning about terminology management that any sensible soul can take. Besides which, in the last few months, I feel as if I have been dragged through a thicket backwards, and it would be ever so nice to stop a while and look at the view from the other direction.

In summary then: I have not blogged in the last month because of some dastardly thicket, and because I seem to have changed my iPhone settings so transferring images to my laptop is not happening. I have found something on my real camera: all is not lost.

Prickly pear in flower, Faro, May 2017

There is another reason though: I am not so keen on typing these days, possibly because back pain and neck pain render me less patient with the physical demands of publishing a blog.

I have had quite a lot of fun learning to dictate better. I am speaking into private Youtube videos to see if I can make sense consistently for five minutes, say.  Some of these efforts get sent to my mother instead of the weekly or fortnightly missive. She loves them because she can see me.  I love them because I realise that the training dictation provides in marshalling one’s thoughts could eventually see me blogging more often again. New skills!

©2017 Allison Wright

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