Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

I thought it would be best to fizzle out quietly on this whole NanoWriMo lark with a cheerful little song – which in true Country and Western tradition, allows everyone whether young or old, to pick a harmony, and just sing for all they are worth. The lyrics are included in this link, so why don’t y’all jus’ sing along, now?

I have fond memories of my uncle playing his guitar and laughing – and playing the chorus over and over again, just so that we kids could have fun. Yes, we cavorted about the place too, and called it dancing.

Now, I ain’t getting ready to meet the saints, but my shingles and floor (for which you may read “novel”) are in an incredible state of disrepair and ain’t gonna get done any time soon.

In summary: I enjoyed an elapsed time of 15 days of novel-writing during which time I missed a few days; I managed to cobble together 12,000-odd words. Real life intervened; I had to work a bit harder than normal (if you can actually imagine that) and give up on the idea of achieving the goal of writing a novel during the month of November. I do hope there are many of you out there who did achieve this goal. It will give me hope for next year.

Now, some of you who read my blog quite often may recall that I said I would publish here whatever I had written if I fell short of the 50,000 word mark by 30 November 2012. Well, I am going to take that back.  There is, however, the interesting matter of a short story which has developed on the side – which I cannot somehow manage to weave into my novel. That may well get finalised before Christmas. We shall call this a small consolation.

In the meantime, I shall have to be a lot more serious about my true passion, which is, as you know, translating in winter with a blanket wrapped around my legs – and berating Daylight Saving for causing sunset to occur at 17:23, more or less.

Still, sunrise at 07:23 or so at this time is magnificent – so who really cares about the shingles, then?


5 thoughts on “Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

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  1. Allison
    I smile every time I see this whimsical blog name. Sometimes, when I haven’t visited in a while, I laugh, surprised all over.
    I love you more than you know Allison!
    Got my faith’s worth from your NaNo log. I adore it hands down.
    Your Nano has been a total success!
    Also, I got busy translating, partly because of you, I may add, and was worried when I could come up for more air than a 10 minute post with my camera smart phone almost every day I thought that you were writing away your updates and I was missing them.
    All vain worry. That’s what worry amounts to, Vanity.
    You are the only NaNo I passionately followed. The only one I followed that is.
    It was an adventure.
    Got me thinking about next Nano.
    Realized I don’t want to write a novel, but I do want to write 50k words in November under that name.
    Also, you have given me some good links. Returning the favor:
    Wry and smart like you.
    I think you have to be real keen and able to look deeper to adore your writing. This is a complement to me. : )
    I think you two would like each others ways.


    1. I love keen readers, like you, who are able to look deeper and adore my writing. 😉 As to the whimsical blog name, it has a practical dimension, too. It is a year since I bought a pair of jeans, so it is high time that I went in search of that elusive pair once again, preferably in time for that social thing, the Carol Service (an English one in the middle of Portugal), four days before Christmas in which I shall be participating with gusto. made me laugh. Thanks.


      1. Allison

        It’s so nice to hear from you and revive the Keen Reader Award!
        : )
        Glad you enjoyed Rule. The half the time I’m not bursting with laugh, he makes me cry, and, I make him pay for it. : ) ; )
        Jeans elude. Miracle needed.



  2. I have always found it very ironical that the things one wants to do are often never done, because life gets in the way, particularly ‘earning a living’ sometimes prevents one from really living…..


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