Open Library is yours (ACCESS FROM HERE): now a one stop access widget!

New at euzicasa: Open Library is yours (ACCESS FROM HERE): now a one stop access widget!. Readers of the world unite! What a far cry this is from the part-time job I had for a while as a university student! I was a "shelf reader". This entailed gazing at the rows of books stacked on... Continue Reading →

All around my hat

My new hat was handmade for me from woven palm leaves, and fits me perfectly. This is a traditional craft in the Algarve, Portugal. I first saw "my hat" at a fashion show held in the village in which I live at the end of June. I wrote about the music at that Fashion Show... Continue Reading →

Fried Cabbage

I love it when I get e-mails from Angel. Angel is a bad speller, but that does not matter. Most of her e-mails are incredibly wicked cartoon jokes. They are like chocolate bars. Either I save them as a reward after completing an arduous task or I gobble them up all at once. The jokes,... Continue Reading →

A marvellous invention

My father, born 1935, often waxed lyrical about the marvels of aeronautical flight. On such occasions we were given to giggling, my sister and I. It is a well-worn source of amusement, which has not detracted my father one iota from the wonder of it all. The funniest thing is that he is right; it... Continue Reading →

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