All around my hat

My new hat was handmade for me from woven palm leaves, and fits me perfectly. This is a traditional craft in the Algarve, Portugal. I first saw “my hat” at a fashion show held in the village in which I live at the end of June. I wrote about the music at that Fashion Show – Desfile de moda em empreita and posted a few photos.

It is so unlike me to want things, but I knew I that I had to have that hat the moment I saw it. I had my head measured and placed my order just as soon as I could.

Some of you might remember this song by the Irish group Steeleye Span. My hat goes with the sounds of this song.

Well, my hat makes feel like dancing a jig to this tune.

I had intended to pay for this hat myself, but the wonderful thing is that a friend decided she wanted to give it to me instead, and was in cahoots with the lady who made it. I only discovered this the day it was given to me.

My hat, made from woven palm leaves. Designed by Marie-Irene Joachim
O meu chapéu em empreita de palma. Desenho por Marie-Irene Joachim.


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