Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

I thought it would be best to fizzle out quietly on this whole NanoWriMo lark with a cheerful little song – which in true Country and Western tradition, allows everyone whether young or old, to pick a harmony, and just sing for all they are worth. The lyrics are included in this link, so why don't... Continue Reading →

They finally got me

"They" are the translation agency. How did they get me? Sneakily, if you ask me.  They wait until I have done the following before requesting a scanned or faxed copy of "my degree": Purchased the most economical version of a CAT tool (as a prerequisite to working for them) about one year ago; Completed the... Continue Reading →

In short,

Sunny day, improving spirits all round; three loads of laundry hanging on the line, thereby ensuring that my pile of things to iron remains huge; complete bath and hair wash for my beloved, during which time I spilled a basin of soapy water on the lounge floor, thereby underlining the fortuitousness of the absence of... Continue Reading →

Fresh thought

It is not so fresh a thought. It is more like the sun taking a particularly leisurely stroll at dawn, then suddenly, by surprise catching me in the eye before I have had time to squint. Then it hits me. Hey, it says, you do realise you have been holding your true creativity at bay... Continue Reading →

Res Poeticae

David Bowie used to do this. In an interview with British marvel, Michael Parkinson, he spoke about his creative process. David Bowie used to cut words out of the newspaper, or write arbitrary words on a piece of paper, and if my memory serves me correctly – and I believe it usually does! – he... Continue Reading →

NAJIT – Interpreters, translators, and what you need to know

NAJIT Blog. Well, what you need to know if you live in the United States of America. Your own country probably does have a similar organisation who will be happy to provide you with the information you need. This is a long article. If you are not an interpreter or a translator, you will find... Continue Reading →

Mottled things

Some days are not for conquering. They start out too early - meeting deadlines, deflate to the dish-washing imperative then collapse into mid-morning sleep, a willing submission to sweet oblivion. Mad rush to a luncheon outing; accept the kindness, community is kind; community is obligation too: A stroll with old folk on sunny-day country lanes after days... Continue Reading →

Catering to caterpillars

I have no time to learn how to draw the perfect cartoon caterpillar. Instead, I shall offer you this image with a caption, suspended on a white background. This is also my shortest post on record. Allison

Friendily yours,

Let’s not kill all the translators… « Thoughts On Translation. Friendly is as friendly does. The drafting of letters, particularly diplomatic ones, is a serious matter. "Amicalement", left in the French, would have been a better choice, especially given the "Cher Barack" salutation, and the fact that unless you are a complete oddball, "Amicably" does... Continue Reading →

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